Drumming circle is tough to beat for residents living with dementia at a Guildford care home

Rhythm and the power of music were on display for residents living with dementia at a Guildford care home with a visit from a local drumming circle.

Rhythm and the incredible power of music took centre stage as our amazing residents enjoyed a visit from a local drumming circle!

At Queen Elizabeth Park, in Guildford, we’re dedicated to providing diverse and stimulating activities for our residents, and the “Drumheads Live” sessions have been a banging success!

Lifestyle coordinator Jackie Avenell said: “I’m always looking for different things to entertain the residents, and I wasn’t sure how it would go. But the residents that joined in asked me if I could rebook, so I did, and have now made it part of our regular activities.”

“Sean, who runs the sessions, encourages the residents to take part in interactive rhythm, using a variety of drums and percussions. They all have a great time doing it!”

Our residents have been absolutely loving the “Drumheads Live” experience, with many reminiscing about their musical pasts!

Kay Laker said: “It was good fun and very enjoyable. My dad used to play the piano, and I never played any instruments myself until now. I am very much looking forward to the next workshop.”

Dorothy Young added: “I really enjoy it, it’s great fun! We all had a drum each, and everyone was paying attention as we played together.”

Margaret Kay shared: “I did enjoy it. I have found it very unusual, something different. I am very fascinated with the drums. It was very good, and I will join again.”

Our care home manager, Heather De Ninis, added: “The success of the sessions shows our commitment to innovative and person-centred care for our residents.

“It really shows how much of a positive impact that unique activities can have on people and the importance of engaging activities for our residents living with dementia.”

“The best thing is that everyone is excited to keep the rhythm going!”

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